Hey, I'm Lola.

Thanks for coming by my blog! I have this digital space as a way to connect with you guys and share facets of my life that may be helpful to you all as well!

I graduated college with a degree in Marketing and currently work in Digital Marketing full-time. My blog is a hobby on the side, and I love it!

If you have any questions or just want to connect, shoot me an email! I love hearing from you guys.

Down below I shared some FAQ’s if you’re interested in learning a little bit about me.

Thanks again for checking out my blog and I hope you stop by again!

Where are you from? 

I'm from Brooklyn, NY but live in NJ


21. My birthday is December 12th

Number one tip for healthy skin?

Drink tonssss of water

Favorite Food


What's your nationality?


Do you dye your hair?

Nope, it's naturally so dark

Favorite Drink

Unsweetened Green Tea

Genre of Music

Country mostly