5 Skincare Products You Should Be Using In Your 20's

5 Skincare Products You Should Be Using In Your 20's

Skincare is one of my favorite aspects of the cosmetics industry and it's usually the one that get's the short end of the stick the most. Being in my 20's, I've known lot's of girls that overlook their skincare and put it on the back burner but it really is so SO important and it's the foundation of any other makeup that you put on your face - so you def want to make sure you're taking good care of it! 

Although you may not really know what products work best for you or what your skin care routine is, I am sharing with you five products that you should be using in your 20's no matter what kind of skin type you have. Let me know what you guys think in the comments below!

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Eye Cream: I've noticed such a different since I've been using an eye cream the past few years and it's also SO important in preventing wrinkles from forming there! I apply every morning and night right after cleansing but before moisturizing! Some of my favorites are - $HERE | $$HERE | $$$HERE

Vitamin C Serum: I'm obsessed with Vitamin C serums because they brighten my skin while exfoliating dead skin cells and I swear my skin is smoother and brighter right away! This one is my absolute favorite and I use it a couple times a week!

SPF Products: I never really realized the effects of the sun on my skin until I read an article a while ago about how the sun penetrates deep into your skin under the top layer - which is so so dangerous!! So ever since then I've been wearing either a moisturizer with SPF in it or a primer with SPF every single day. SO important to do now before the sun does its damage.

Exfoliating: Especially with it being winter time in NJ right now I'm alllll about the exfoliating haha! But really it's so important to do all year, especially on your face, so that your skin can produce new skin cells and the right amounts of collagen to keep you looking your best!! Just definitely make sure to moisturize after or you'll get white dry skin flakes which no one wants haha. Some of my favorite exfoliating products are - $HERE | $$HERE | $$HERE and I usually exfoliate a few times a week!

Oils: I cannot get enough of putting oils on my face at night before bed! Especially being in my 20's I definitely want to try and preserve the hydration in my skin for as long as possible to keep it looking young, so oils have been my bff lately. Sometimes I'll use just an eye cream and an oil at night and go to bed. I wake up with such hydrated skin its amazinggg! (Oils are also really good at removing your makeup before cleansing!) I use anything from coconut oil to rose hip oil so use whatever works for you!

Talk to you guys soon!

xx Lola

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