Affordable Products I Recommend To My Friends

Affordable Products I Recommend To My Friends

Since I've been so into makeup and skincare since I was younger my friends usually come to me with questions about their own routines:

"My skins feeling rough what should I do?"

"What primer should I use for my skin?"

"Can I borrow your ____ because mine doesn't work?"

"I want to start using bronzer but I don't know which one to use."

The list goes on and on. I love helping them and giving tons of advice on their own routines (also because I know most of their skin types and what they do/don't prefer in terms of how it all looks), so it's fun and easy for me to help them out. 

My friends have alllll different kinds of skin, and recently my one friend even admitted to not moisturizing(!!!!), so I've definitely accumulated some suggestions for them on what to use. Here's some of my top suggestions!


It's insane how many people don't moisturize their skin. You will literally get wrinkles in your mid 20's if you don't start moisturizing. It doesn't even have to be anything expensive - Neutrogena makes great moisturizers that are under $15! 


A lot of my friends don't take off their makeup before bed after a night out (I've been guilty of this too) and then they complain about breakouts. Sometimes after a few too many drinks washing your face isn't the first thing you think of. But keeping $5 wipes in your room to quickly take it off before going to bed will help SO MUCH with acne.  


"I want to fill in my brows but don't know how", "My brows are so light you can't even see them but I don't know what to do" are all big ones. There's nothing crazy about it, just go off the natural shape of your brows and lightly fill them in. If you're too afraid to use a pencil to fill them in, start with a tinted brow gel that matches your hair color and go from there!


Even after curling lashes, they still can look stubby and short. I always suggest using Castor oil on lashes before bed every night, because it worked for me and mine have grown! I've always had shorter lashes but since doing this they're longer! 


"I'm scared to use blush because I don't want to look like a clown". This is sooo funny but so many people have said this to me. I personally don't love blush so I understand the worry, but it really does add life back into your face, especially if you use foundation. There's blushes that look more bronzy than pink, and add a pretty glow to the skin. So start with those! 


I exfoliate 4-5 a week because I started slacking my senior year of college and got blackheads on my cheeks (not cute), so if you feel some texture on your face, exfoliating should be a priority. So many of my friends struggle with this! If you don't regularly exfoliate, bacteria will form under your skin and you'll get bumps on your face.