Bath Time Essentials + Products

Bath Time Essentials + Products

One of my favorite ways to relax & chill is by taking a hot bath. They’re so relaxing and perfect for de-stressing!

I take baths a few times a week and listed all of my favorite stuff below!

Things You Need

Bath Tray //

Mine is from Target but they sell them everywhere, I’ve linked a few below. It’s game changing and some even come with a little slot for a wine glass haha. They’re also really sturdy, which I wasn’t sure about before I got it, but it even holds my laptop!

Water //

You’re sitting in hot water, you will get thirsty. Do yourself a favor and get a huge cup of water to bring with you into the bathroom before you get in the tub. Otherwise you’ll end up running naked to your kitchen freezing and soaking wet (trust me, I’ve done it before!).

Entertainment //

Books, laptop, phone, etc. Anything you want - just don’t get your electronics wet!

Bath Bombs //

These are so fun to throw in and watch them fizz, but after the fizz is gone, the water usually looks pretty clear, so I usually prefer bubbles to bath bombs. But these are a lot of fun too!

Bubbles //

I’ve linked some of my favorites here, but I buy bubble baths that smell cozy, clean, and sweet. Philosophy bubble baths are my favorites!! (Their winter scent “Snow Angel” is SO good)

Snacks //

Sometimes I bring a bowl of berries with me and sometimes I don’t. Just depends how I feel!

Body Scrub //

I’ve mentioned Frank Body scrubs before but I have to mention them again - they’re so SO good! And they kind of help decrease the look of cellulite too. I love to scrub my body before I take a shower so that I’m left with soft/smooth skin.

Your Pets //

Kidding, but my kitties love to sit near the bathtub when I’m taking a bath. They’re pretty cute company so I love it and wanted to include it here. Haha. Alone time is nice too though.

A few more things I do while taking a bath sometimes is a face mask and I shave as well.

And that’s it! Let me know if there are things you love that I didn’t mention, and I hope you enjoyed this post! x