The Beauty Tips I Swear By

The Beauty Tips I Swear By

As you all know, the beauty world has always been a huge passion of mine and I've always found it interesting that makeup can work for anyone in any way they want it too. The possibilities with beauty products are endless, and there are tons of tips and tricks out there to learn in order to get the most out of your own personal beauty routine. Throughout my makeup journey I have picked up tips and tricks from so many different places, and although there are always new things to learn, here are some of the beauty tips I swear by daily. 

The Top Beauty Tips I Swear By

Check Expiration Date // Makeup expires!! So many people don't know this, or just avoid it, but it's so important to make sure you are using makeup that is still fresh. I've noticed that if I use expired makeup it can sometimes go on less smooth than normal, can break me out, and can even be clumpy. It's good to check the products you use since all expiration dates are different - products like foundations and powders last 1-2 years, while mascaras should only be kept around for 3-4 months. You can usually find the expiration date on the back of the packaging or you can find it online!  

Wash My Brushes Every Couple of Weeks // We've all been told to clean our brushes between each use, but I personally forget or just run out of time to do so. I've found that thoroughly washing my brushes with a gentle face wash once every two weeks works the best for me - the brushes don't get dirty enough to break me out when I use them, and the two week mark is when they usually start to work worse than they normally do. 

Add Bronzer Directly Under My Lower Lip // I don't usually over-line my lips when I wear lipstick and I rarely add highlighter to my cupids bow, so normally I just put a little bit of an ashy toned bronzer right under my lower lip to make it look a little bit more full. I know this doesn't work on everyone but I love it! Try this out next time you do your makeup if you never have - it's an easy way to add something to your lips without wearing lipstick or gloss. 

Change My Pillow Cases // Pillow cases tend to carry so much dirt and oil from our hair laying on them for hours, so switching them out should definitely be a weekly to-do for your skins sake. I started changing my pillow cases once a week and noticed a pretty noticeable difference in my skin - it was clearer, brighter, and less red in the mornings. 

What are some beauty tips you swear by? Let me know! 

Talk to you all soon xx