My Current Workout Routine

Kinda ironic that this post is directly after the Museum of Pizza post, buuuut balance right?!

Anyways! I try and workout at least 3-4 days a week mostly because it keeps my anxiety down. When I don’t workout consistently I definitely notice it in how I feel, and obviously the way I look.

Down below I shared my “workout routine” (or how I stay active), but if you’re interested in learning about the way I eat - you can check out THIS post.

My Workout Routine


Kickboxing //

If you follow along on Instagram, you know that I go at least once a week to a kickboxing class! I’ve tried so many different types of workouts and this one is my favorite.

You burn between 500-1000 calories per class and feel like a million bucks after! It’s pricey but worth it! If you’re looking to try, Groupon always has deals!

Walks //

Going on walks is something I’ve always loved to do, and recently I’ve been doing it more and more since I love the Fall weather. When it’s not raining (which sadly it’s been raining a lot), I put on a podcast and walk around my neighborhood.

It’s so calming, gets me out of my head, and the hills in my neighborhood make it a mini workout too. Also the fresh air is always nice!

Gym //


I hate the gym lol. Everything about it is dreadful to me (which is why I go to kickboxing or take walks). BUT, ya gotta do what ya gotta do, so I go to the gym a couple times a week too.

I mostly go on the elliptical, or even the bike if I’m feeling extra lazy, and do about 30 minutes.

I love to use free weights, medicine balls, and other gym equipment afterwards to get a “full body workout”. This usually means - squats, lunges, shoulder presses, wall sits, push ups, etc.

I try and push myself as much as possible, and always finish a workout with abs. There are really easy to follow, quick workouts on Pinterest!

That’s about it! Staying active has helped me so much mentally which is why I continue to do it. In terms of “staying fit” and “looking lean”, that’s mostly determined by what I eat. So if you’re interested in my diet, check THIS out.

Hope you enjoyed this post and make sure to follow me on Insta not to miss out on anything! Talk to you soon! x