A Day In My Life

So a lot of you have noticed recently that my days are a little different, I spend a lot of time at home, and tons of people want to know what I do besides blog. The answer is a few different things!

First and foremost, I do work a full time job. I studied Marketing in school and now work in Advertising full time. The company is fully remote, so I get to work from home 100% of the time!

Besides for my full time job I also help people with their resumes, coach bloggers online, and as you all know - I blog!

Below is a pretty typical day in my life trying to fit in all of those things!

8AM - 8:30AM // Wake up, water, coffee, skincare.

9AM // Emails, video calls, client calls, monitoring the Advertising campaigns that I run, etc.

11AM // Daily check in call with my supervisor. More coffee lol.

12PM // Workout, shower, back to work. HERE is my current workout routine.

1PM // Breakfast (or maybe lunch at this point lol). Read about my diet and why I eat so late in the day HERE.

2PM - 3PM // My work day slows down around now, so I usually run errands, work on my blog, or do any other work during this time.

3PM - 5PM // Finish up work for the day. Clean the apartment. Play with my kitty. Run errands.

6PM - 7PM // Dinner and work on blog, resumes, etc.

8PM // Doneeeee!

Obviously this isn’t everyday, but this is a typical work day for me during the week. Sometimes I have appointments during the day I have to get to, or plans at night with friends, but overall that’s what I typically do.

Let me know what your day looks like! Are you still in school? Working? Taking classes? LMK!