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Why You Should Use Essential Oils + Some Personal Favorites

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Why You Should Use Essential Oils + Some Personal Favorites

As I mentioned in my Wellness Trends That Changed My Life  post, it took me a longggg time to get into Essential Oils. So if this is completely new to some of you - I get it. In that post I went into detail on why I didn't believe in them at first and why I now love them, so go check it out if you want more details on my personal journey with the oils.

So let's begin.

Essential oils are everywhere nowadays but it is important to use the right ones. You also have a few options when it comes to using them - you can apply them on the skin, diffuse them, and even ingest some. I stick to applying them topically and diffusing.

The ones I use, Young Living, have a "Seed to Seal" promise meaning that they come directly from the source and pretty much go straight into the jar. Nothing funny is added to them and they are as pure as they get. There are also individual oils and oil blends, depending on your needs. I suggest you guys do your research before buying oils because...

-They're not the cheapest product so you definitely want to make sure you're putting your money towards something legitimate and pure.

   - Not all oils come directly from the source - so make sure the ones you buy don't have crap added to them. So yes, the essential oil that you purchased from Urban Outfitters may not be an actual essential oil! 

Another thing that is different depending on where you get it from are the Oil Diffusers. Mine is Young Living, just like the oils, so it automatically shuts off when it is low on water (aka I can leave it running all night safely) AND it doesn't diffuse the plastic that it's made out of, while diffusing oils. SO MANY diffusers do this and it completely defeats the purpose of using a clean, natural, pure oil if you are ingesting plastic at the same time. So make sure your diffuser comes from a credible source also!

Now onto some favorites...

Essential oils are not one size fits all, which I have learned. You have to find the ones that work for you and for your lifestyle. If you're constantly on the go and stressed out, a blend like Stress Away may be good for you to smell/apply throughout the day. If you have a 9-5 desk job and need something energizing, an oil like Lemon or Tangerine might be just what you need. 

You get it, find the ones that fit you.

Here are some of my favorites and why I use them:

Lavender - LOVE  to diffuse this one at night. Honestly nothing smells better to me than Lavender right before bed. It's mellow but calming with the best sweet scent. My boyfriend loves this too! 

Angelica - I'll be honest and say it's not the greatest smell in the world. And it lingers. So if you don't like it the smell, like me, then just apply it to the bottoms of your feet to get the benefits and not smell anything. This one works wonders for my anxiety!! One second I'm short on breath and the next I'm perfectly fine. If you struggle with anxiety this is a good option. (Thanks mama!!) 

Purification - This one is said to be really good for kitchens/dishwashers/etc in order to get rid of bad odors and basically to cleanse the space. I use this for my shoes actually! I take a few drops on a tissue paper and stick it in my shoes to get rid of a bad smell. Works amazingly. I also diffuse it throughout my room mixed with the Lemon essential oil to brighten up the space and purify!

Citrus Fresh - This oil blend is super refreshing and awakening in the morning. I sometimes diffuse this when I'm getting ready for a jump start to the day. It's the perfect citrus scent and I love it!

Tranquil - My favorite of all the oils and oil blends! This comes in a roller ball and it's a mix of several different oils that are meant to relax you. When I roll this on, the sensation is so weird/comforting/strange/amazing all the same time. I kind of feel high when I use it and it knocks me right to sleep. You need to try it. I roll it on my wrists, chest, shins, bottoms of my feet, and behind my ears. It smells literally amazing and I'm asleep before I know it. MY FAV and smells SO good!

Let me know if you guys use essential oils and which ones you love! 

Talk to you soon!

xx Lola


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