My Favorite Fall Memory

Fall has always been my favorite season and a big reason for that is how I grew up. I was raised in Brooklyn and spent so much of the season outdoors with my grandparents.


We would go to parks, playgrounds, and were rarely indoors. My grandma and I always would walk hand-in-hand through the fallen leaves to hear the crisp, crunchy sounds of fall.

It’s always my favorite time of the year because my grandparents have all passed, so the season is a nice reminder of them.

Down below are some pictures from my childhood that my mom found a few weeks ago!


Look at my fun little leg pop lol


My grandma and I on New Year’s Eve


Yours truly as a baby with both of my grandparents


My grandma and I in NYC during the holidays

I wanted to share these few on my blog so you guys can get a glimpse of my life in a different way.

Hope you enjoyed! x