3 Foods That Have Helped My Hair Grow

3 Foods That Have Helped My Hair Grow

Everyone always says “beauty comes from within” and that couldn’t be more true for skin and hair. You guys loved my post on my new diet so I wanted to include some specific foods I eat that have helped my hair grow.

Everyone’s different, but these particular foods have been scientifically proven to help with growth & health of hair, so I try and incorporate these into my meals as much as I can.


Best Foods For Hair Growth & Health

Leafy Greens //

These are loaded with biotin (which is a vitamin that promotes hair growth) so make sure to eat tons of these! Swiss Chard has the highest amount of Biotin, but Spinach and Kale work too.

Salmon or Halibut //

Salmon contains tons of omega-3’s which are essential for healthy hair and skin, and is also packed with protein and vitamin D. Halibut has a high content of natural biotin so load up on this too! When I eat fish more often, I can definitely notice it in how shiny my hair becomes.

Nuts //

Almonds and walnuts especially are great for both hair growth & health because of the boost of biotin they provide. There’s also Vitamin E in nuts which helps prevent damage or breakage in hair. And if you dye your hair, nuts can aid in color richness and promoting a healthy tone.