Why I Love This Coffee Body Scrub

Why I Love This Coffee Body Scrub

I've always used body scrubs, but over the last few months I've been completely obsessed with the Frank Body Original Coffee Scrub. (This post isn't sponsored btw, just wanted to share this!!)

I've always read claims that coffee scrubs get rid of cellulite, tighten skin, lighten stretch marks and so on. But I've never actually tried any out for myself, until Frank Body. 

Here's why I love it:

It Smells SO Good //

I love love loveee how the scrub smells. It's like freshly brewed coffee with a little bit of citrus, some almond, and a little bit vanilla. It's hard to explain but smells amazing!

My cellulite really has decreased //

I have some cellulite on the backs of my legs but since using this over the last few months, it's harder to notice (which is exciting lol). When I scrub my body I try and pay extra attention to the back of my thighs and can honestly say that the scrub has helped SO much!

I can use it on my face //

So many body scrubs really shouldn't be used on faces because the skin on your face is more sensitive, and body scrubs tend to be really intense. But with this scrub it's so good for exfoliating your face because it helps with anti aging and brightening! 

There's also no tiny beads that some other scrubs have (which is good since those beads are usually all chemicals), the scrub is vegan & cruelty free, and only $16 - just some added info lol.  

I've really been liking it and use it a few times a week, so if you've tried it too let me know what you think! I really feel like it works! 

Talk soon x