Lola Cezair

How I Keep My Hair Frizz Free In The Summer

Lola Cezair
How I Keep My Hair Frizz Free In The Summer

With summer being the hottest time of the year, battling with frizz seems to be an issue we all struggle with.

From enjoying summer nights, beach days or even just running out to the store humidity usually takes over our hair in the worst way. 

After spending the weekend in Atlantic City, my friends and I used a few products that really helped us and I figured some of you could benefit from them too. There's nothing worse than getting ready, doing your makeup, and then not loving your hair because of frizz.


So here's what we used/did this weekend: 

Moroccan Oil //

This oil can be used on wet or dry hair but we used it after our hair was completely dry & done. Just pour a small amount into your hands, rub them together, and then pat down the frizz. Then comb through! It really made everything so much better! Our hair wasn't greasy or anything and it really worked!

Kristin Ess Leave in Conditioner Spray //

This we used only on wet hair after the pool, the beach, or getting out of the shower. We sprayed it all over our heads for de-frizzing and keeping hair healthy after being out in the sun. It also smells amazing so that helped!

A few other tricks //

- Before getting out of the shower, blast your hair with cold water to seal the strands of your hair and keep it shiny and frizz free (this helps me personally SO much)

- Bring a wave spray with you, they're great for natural, healthy waves that last all night


- Straightening hair gets really hot in the summer, so I tend to wear mine more natural. If you're the same way, still bring a straightener with you, but braid your hair and run the straightener over the braid. It flattens your hair while keeping the waves frizz free! (Use a little Moroccan Oil after your let the braid lose too!) 

- If you let your hair air dry, braid it and let it dry in the braid. Sometimes the humidity can cause hair to get huge if it air dries, so letting it dry in a braid usually helps! 

Let me know if you struggle with frizz in the summer and what you do to tame it! 

Talk to you soon! x