How I Keep My Hair Healthy, Shiny, and Strong

How I Keep My Hair Healthy, Shiny, and Strong

I get asked about my hair routine more than about anything else. You guys always ask if that is my natural hair color and what I do to take care of it - so I figured today I would answer all of those questions and go through my routine with you guys!

First, yes that is my natural hair color. It's been jet black since I have been born and I have never dyed it (except when the ombré phase was in, my friend and I decided to lighten the ends of our hair, but that was it!) My hair routine is pretty minimal in the sense that I do not put a lot of product in it. I also try to keep it as natural as possible, for as long as possible - meaning that I do not use hot tools on my hair as frequently as I used to.

Here are the products I'm currently loving to keep my hair healthy, shiny, and strong:

Before The Shower I love to put in a hair mask! I do not always have time to do this, but when I do I put some kind of hydrating oil in my hair (Coconut, Olive, etc - you can even look up some other at home hair masks online for more options). I apply it everywhere on my hair except my roots and I let it sit there for about 10 minutes until I get in the shower to wash it off! I've been doing this for years and it really helps keep my hair healthy. 

In The Shower I love using Kristin Ess' Shampoo and Conditioner which I get for around $10 at Target! Because it is designed by a celebrity hair stylist, the product contains a few extra benefits that your typical drugstore shampoo and conditioner would not contain. It leaves my hair so clean, so soft, and smelling SO good. Kristin also writes tips and tricks on the bottles on how to use each product in her line efficiently. Love these! 

After The Shower I always put Moroccan Oil in my hair when it is still wet to seal the ends ends, add some hydration, and to get rid of frizz. I use about a quarter size amount and run it through the bottom half - I try to avoid my roots so that they do not get excessively greasy, and I make sure to give the ends of my hair a little extra product since those tend to need it the most. The oil has strengthened my hair over time and the ends of my hair are SO much healthier than they were before. I'm obsessed with this product and use it every single time I get out of the shower! 

In Between Washes I always make sure to use dry shampoo so that my hair doesn't get greasy. Recently the Living Proof Dry Shampoo has been one of my favorites, but the brand Batiste from the drugstore also makes awesome dry shampoos. I shake the bottle really well and then I spray it directly at my roots from about 6 inches away. I usually let it sit there for about 30 seconds and then I shake it through my scalp with my fingers. Afterwards, I brush it and style it how I want. I can't live without dry shampoo since I wash my hair every 3-4 days! 

To Style My Natural Hair I use the OUAI Wave Spray to define my natural waves and take away frizz! I love spraying this throughout my hair from day-to-day because it does not weigh my hair down, and instead adds some definition. Since I don't like using heat on my hair everyday, this product is perfect for me and I've repurchased it over and over again! 

That's pretty much it! Those are all of the products I use and how I use them. That routine has worked for me for a while now and I can definitely notice a difference in the strength and appearance of my hair.

Let me know what your favorite hair products are - I love discovering new ones! 

Talk to you soon xx

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