My Favorite Hair Care Products

My Favorite Hair Care Products

I get tons of questions on my hair care routine and what products I specifically use, so today I'm sharing with you some of my favorites!


In the shower // 

My shampoo and conditioner has been The One Shampoo & Conditioner by Kristin Ess for about a year at this point. I'm obsessed with the smell and the pink bottle is so cute! It also leaves my hair clean smelling and feeling clean for so long!

After the shower // 

When my hair is still wet I spray the Weightless Shine Leave in Conditioner all over the top half of my head, and on the ends of my hair I use the Moroccanoil Hair Treatment. Both of these keep it super healthy & shiny, and keeps split ends away.

On dry hair // 

I don't love to use too much on my hair when it's dry because it can get greasy, so the only products I do use are curl/wave sprays. I have wavy hair, so if I'm wearing it down natural I like to spray in a little something to enhance the waves but keep frizz away. Lately I've been loving the Curly Sexy Hair Curl Reviver Spray - it makes waves look super beachy without being super sticky like some other sprays. It's so good! 



Sleep with hair...

in a loose braid for naturally beachy waves in the AM! 

Besides for products I put in my hair, once a week I do a coconut oil hair mask. To do this I just buy Extra Virgin, Raw Coconut Oil and put it on the bottom half of my hair for a few hours. Then I wash & condition my hair normally and it leaves me with the softest hair! 

I also rarely use hot tools on my hair - I always air dry it, barely ever curl, and only straighten a few times a month. 

Anddd that's it! Let me know on my last Instagram if you guys try the Curl Reviver Spray & what you think! 

Talk to you soon! x

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*Thank you to Sexy Hair for partnering with me on this post - all opinions are my own as always!*