My 5 Secrets To Soft, Long & Healthy Hair

My 5 Secrets To Soft, Long & Healthy Hair

Hair!! I know I’ve been slacking on hair posts lately buuuut I promise we’re getting back into them!

I get so many questions daily on how I keep my hair the way it is, so I wanted to share a few secrets (or tricks) that I do to keep it at it’s best. To be honest, I don’t put much product in it - there’s just a few easy things I do that work for me.

Deep Condition //

Before I shampoo & condition I like to put coconut oil on the bottom half of my hair like a deep conditioning treatment. It doesn’t have to be anything expensive, just grocery store coconut oil (or I mash up an avocado and use that) but doing this helps so much with split ends and keeping my hair soft! I put it in my hair for around 30 minutes before getting in the shower.

Rinse with cold water //

I used to shed a lot when I was younger, which would get so annoying, but when I started rinsing it with cold water a few years ago it became so much stronger. I barely shed anymore and my hair also looks a lot shinier! I just blast it with cold water for a few seconds after I wash & condition and it does the trick.

Get a Wet Brush //

I used to use a regular brush on wet hair and noticed that I was literally ripping my hair out and making split ends so much worse. Now I use a Wet Brush on my hair to brush it through without damaging it. They’re only $10 and are so much better for wet hair than a regular brush!

Morroccan Oil //

One of the few products I always put on wet hair. I take a little bit in my hands and apply it to the ends of my hair to keep them healthy and sealed so my hair doesn’t break. It also get’s rid of frizz and smells so good! I’m obsessed with this stuff.

Braid It //

Heat damages hair so quickly even if you don’t notice it. I do straighten my hair from time-to-time, but thats about it. After I get out of the shower I either let it air dry or I put it in a loose braid and let it dry like that. It doesn’t get frizzy and creates pretty, beachy waves. Air drying is so much better for hair, but if yours tends to get crazy & frizzy if you air dry, try putting it in a braid while it’s still damp. I love doing this!

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Talk to you soon! x