Lola Cezair

The Vitamins I Take For Healthy Skin

Lola Cezair
The Vitamins I Take For Healthy Skin

I've always been really into eating clean, working out, taking care of my skin, and feeling good overall - so when I discovered HUM Nutrition it was perfect for everything!  

 Their slogan is "beauty starts from within" and I've definitely noticed differences in my skin, health, and body overall since taking these vitamins. They have so many different kinds and I even got my mom to start taking them lol. Also, if you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen a few stories of the vitamin bottles - they're so aesthetically pleasing on my kitchen counter I'm obsessed haha. 


Anyways, they have a lot of different vitamin options but these are the ones I specifically take! 

Base Control //

This is their multi vitamin which I take daily with breakfast!

Red Carpet //

The BEST one out of them all! I'm pretty sure it's a bestseller at Sephora too, but my skin/hair/everything glows when I take these for a few days - it's amazing.

Daily Cleanse // 

My second favorite after Red Carpet! They taste a little funny and make my pee a really bright yellow color (TMI, sorry lol) but they really work! These vitamins detox the skin, liver, kidneys, bowels, and lungs all at once and I swearrrr I feel healthier when I take these daily. Everyone needs to try!

Gut Instinct //

I take these on an empty stomach first thing in the morning because they're probiotics and that's what I read to do haha, but I can't say I've noticed a major difference. Probiotics are always good to take for a healthy gut and proper digestion so I take these more for health reasons than beauty. 


OMG! Omega the Great //

These are fish oil tablets but not the nasty ones that have a weird taste lol. You barely taste these and they're the best for even toned skin! I have less redness, more glow, and overall a more even complexion since taking these. 

Big Chill //

If I feel more stressed or anxious on a specific day, I take one of these too. Not everyday, but when I feel especially overwhelmed for one reason or another. I feel more clearheaded when I take Big Chill and overall more calm. My favorite time to take these is at night after a stressful day cause they do a good job of calming me down. 

Raw Beauty Powder //

This is HUM's beauty/metabolism/superfood powder that I add into my smoothies in the mornings. It's not a protein powder, but more a powder to help get everything going in your body and it adds soooo many nutrients to your skin. I use the Mint Chocolate Chip flavor and have been obsessed! My mom tried it and didn't love it, so it's not for everyone obviously. But if you drink smoothies I highly recommend! 


It seems like a lot, and after writing this post I'm like "whoaaa that's too much" haha but I promise you they all work in their own ways!

Since taking these vitamins I have the healthiest skin (I've also been eating better so that helps too) but overall I have these vitamins to thank for the added boost. Let me know if you've ever tried these, and if you have, which ones are your fav?!