How I Keep My Skin HEALTHY

How I Keep My Skin HEALTHY

Hi! Happy Monday! If you follow me on Instagram then you know we have gotten lucky here in Jersey with a few 60 & 70 degree days last week but over the weekend it dropped back down so I spent some time with two of my closest friends, celebrated my brother's birthday, and just relaxxxed after a stressful few weeks. It was so nice! What were you up to this weekend?? 

Speaking of the weather being so up and down, I've definitely noticed a change in my skin and my skincare routine. Whether I would chose one moisturizer or the other varies depending on so many things & the weather plays a huge role too.

I always try to change up what products I use to tailor to my skin's needs, but the actual steps I take to keep my skin healthy stay the same. Here are the steps I take, and some of the products I use, to get glowy skin year-round!


Jade Roll

If you've never heard of it, a Jade Roller is what I use after I washing my face and putting on serum or moisturizer in the mornings. It's a tool with a cold Jade stone on it made for rolling over the skin to de-puff, prevent wrinkles, & get the circulation going (the glow!!).

I wake up swollen occasionally and I find that rolling this over my face really helps de-puff. It also makes my skin super soft and look healthy and vibrant. You can also find it for around $10 on Amazon! 


We alllll know we should be exfoliating frequently but I swear when I exfoliate every 1-2 days, my skin looks less dull for a longer period of time, compared to if I only exfoliate once a week. It makes such a difference for me and it also helps my makeup lay a lot smoother on my skin.

Some of my favorite exfoliators are the EfoliKate and Lush's Cup O' Coffee & Ocean Salt. I also loveee to make my own with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and finely ground sugar or salt!

Apply Vitamin C Serum 

Vitamin C serum is made for skin brightening and an even skin tone, so I use this every single day. It helps refresh my skin and provides it with nutrients so that my skin stays glowy!

The Sunday Riley Rapid Flash Brightening Serum is my favorite even though it's sooo pricey unfortunately. I love how my skin looks after I put it on and then Jade Roll! 

At Home Facial

So not like an actual facial, but after washing my face (and doing a face mask maybe!), I run my sink water as hot as possible and wait for the steam to come up. Then I just lean over and let the steam hit my face and open up my pores.

I also sometimes take a towel and run it under warm/hot water and then in circular motions I run it over my skin to clean out the open pores. My skin is SO soft after doing this I'm obsessed. I always moisturize right after!! 


This is really overlooked, but getting clear & glowy skin really does come from within and drinking tons of water each day is one of the main ways to do it. I don't count how much I drink everyday because whenever I tried I would forget to actually keep track haha.

So now I just try to always have a filled water bottle with me to take frequent sips from. It has helped my skin look so healthy and clear from breakouts! 

Hydrate & Moisturize

And last but not least, moisturizing. Of course I use a moisturizer every day, but which products I use depend on my skin and the weather!

If it's cold outside and my skin is more dry, I usually use a little bit of coconut oil on my skin and then apply a moisturizer over top (or I just use a thicker moisturizer such as the Ole Henriksen Nurture Me Cream).

If it's warmer outside and I know I'm going to produce some oil, I usually will use a lighter moisturizer that still keeps my skin hydrated all day. I've been loving the moisturizer from Elemis as the weather is warming up, and during the summer I usually use the Clinique DD Moisturizing Gel. 

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It all depends, but those are typically the things that I like to do to have glowy skin! What do you love to do for your skin?? Tell me so I can try! 

Talk to you soon xx