2 Important New Year's Resolutions I'm Making In 2018

2 Important New Year's Resolutions I'm Making In 2018

New Year's Resolutions are kind of a thing that you either do or you don't. There are people who make new goals each year and work really hard to accomplish them, and succeed, which is awesome. Then there are people like me who don't bother because I know I'll break them LOL.

This year, however, I am going to try and make these 2 specific (and really important) resolutions in hopes of bettering myself!

These have nothing to do with losing weight, eating healthy, etc...and instead are more focused on overall wellness. Happy reading! 

Put Down The Phone (And Computer!)

Okay but are you even surprised this is my first resolution??? Haha! We are all SO guilty of this.

I've noticed it more and more in myself especially, but others too. I'm not sure if it's because we all want to know what everyone else is doing online (which if that's the case, who cares what everyone else is doing - focus on YOURSELF!), or if it's a habit at this point. For me, I think it's a habit which I'm going to try so hard to break in 2018.

I don't like to set too strict of goals because then I find myself under so much pressure to nail them, which only leads to me giving up on them overall. SO. I'm going to start small and try and have my laptop and phone away by around 9pm every night. Depending on when you go to sleep it might be different for you. I tend to go to sleep anywhere between 11pm-12am so 9pm is a reasonable time for me.

Since I've been blogging, it's been hard for me to distinguish between work and relaxation. There have been nights where it's been 3-4am and Kevin has had to beg me to put my laptop away and go to sleep because he knows I'm going to be miserable next day. I always just respond by saying "I just need to finish one more thing" and it's absolutely ridiculous and I end up being super cranky the next day because I get no sleep! So bad. 

So, electronics away by 9pm is a huge resolution for me for 2018!


Save $$$

I'm a hugeee spender! I love to shop and have a really bad habit of impulse purchasing. Over the last few months I've been trying to save more - sometimes it works, other times not so much.

For 2018, I really want to make it a point to save more money and plan ahead for after I graduate in May. I don't feel comfortable getting into exact numbers (hope you guys understand!), but just overall this is a really important resolution for me so I have some kind of financial cushion after college! 

Tell me what resolutions you are making this year - I would love to hear!!

Talk to you soon!

xx Lola


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