How I Practice Self Care

Happy Monday!

Over the weekend I had a really cool opportunity to visit the Island Spa and Sauna, so I wanted to post some pics and also share a few ways I practice self care without having to go to a spa. (Cause I definitely do not go to spa’s often haha)

I’ve never spent a full day at any spa so it was nice to have a day of relaxation. I was able to bring someone with me, so I had a friend join and we had a really chill time! Down below are some photos:

Island Spa & Sauna //

The spa is open 24hrs a day and all you do is pay an entrance fee to use their facilities (massages, facials, scrubs, etc. are extra though!).


They have tons of different saunas, hot/cold tubs, a juice bar, restaurant, free wifi, and tons of spaces to just chill out! A lot of Rutgers students come to do their homework there too. It’s a hidden gem in central NJ that everyone should try!

There’s more pictures on their website, and I’ll include some of my Instagram stories from the spa, but overall it was so much fun and super relaxing! I highly recommend it if you live in New Jersey or nearby!

Thank you to Island Spa & Sauna for hosting me for the day! I had the best time and will definitely be coming back!

Obviously spending a full day at a spa is rare haha, but I still try and “pamper” myself on my own. Here’s usually how I do it:

Self-Care At Home //

Take a bath - One of my favorite ways to de-stress. I love putting in lavender oil into the water or a fun bath bomb.

Cook - A lot of people don’t know this about me, but I loveee to cook. I usually put on music or a podcast and chef it up for a few hours! It’s a lot of fun for me haha.

Journal - I have anxiety, and although I take medicine, my brain still tends to run sometimes. Writing everything down really helps me feel good overall.

Exercise - I exercise at least 3-4 times a week, but when I slack off I definitely notice it in how I feel. So this ones really important for me!

Face Masks - I’m obsessed with skincare so you know I had to put this on here haha. I use all different kinds of masks depending on my skin. Here are my favorites!

Turn off my phone - There’s honestly nothing like turning off your phone and not getting distracted by text messages or social media. Loveee doing this, especially when I feel like I need a break.

Light a candle - I love love love candles, and fall candles are by far my favorite ones, so I like to light them around my apartment and cuddle on the couch. So cozy.

Fresh flowers/plants - Keeping fresh plants/flowers in my home always feels so good, so I try and remember to grab some when I grocery shop. Sometimes I forget, but when I do remember it always makes my home feel more special.

Those are some of my favorite ways to self-care and feel good without going to the spa!

Let me know below how you practice self-care, and I’ll talk to you soon! x