HELLOOO. We're back.

HELLO HELLO HELLO. We are WAY overdue for a post right?

today’s the day.

I took a while off to regroup, really dive into my job, and just get my shit together.

The plan now is to post Mon/Wed/Fri and share a ton more of my life with you guys rather than just skincare/beauty (but still skincare & beauty too…like today)…LOL

ANYWAYS I’ve been into some fun things so I didn’t want to wait any longer to share!

Check it out below and get hype for more posts! x

Leneige Vanilla Lip Sleeping Mask

So you know I’ve been obsessed with this lip balm since the original berry one came out, but recently I found this scent hiding at Sephora and I’ve completely stopped using the berry scented one. The vanilla one is SO much better and almost feels creamier too. You need to go try this!

Steve Madden Pink Boots

I’ve never really found a bootie that works with my legs, but these cute winter/snow boots have been so much fun to wear and I like that they’re pink, since my shoes are usually all neutral colors. I wear these with leggings, but they would be super cute with skinny jeans too.

Joe Malone Nectarine Blossom + Honey Perfume

THIS perfume. OMG. So let me just start by saying that I usually like rose scented things or more ‘fresh’ scents, and I was planning on getting Joe Malone Roses. But I really didn’t like how that smelled. It smelled like a rose literally off the vine and was just too much for me. So then I discovered this scent. And it is PERFECT. Sweet and fresh and not too much. Just go smell this next time you’re in Sephora even if you don’t buy it, it smells so good!

Aritzia Leggings

Nobody EVER talks about Aritzia’s leggings, but they are SO good! They’re not see-through, they have really cute colors (nudes, greys, pinks), and I love how they feel on. They hug in all the right places. Oh and they’re affordable. I’ve bought A LOT of pairs of these over the last couple of months and I highly recommend!

Kopari Coconut Deoderant

I’ve been trying to be super careful with deodorant since it contains so many chemicals and sits close to the chest, but none that I tried for a while worked. They all made me smell weird, and just not the way I want to smell after putting deodorant on. So then I tried Kopari’s natural deodorant and it totally changed everything. This one actually WORKS and smells AMAZING, and it’s based with coconut oil as the main ingredient. It is a bit pricer than a normal deodorant, but for me it’s worth it!

What products have you guys been loving?! Let me know so I can try too!

Super excited to be sharing more on here so definitely stay tuned!