A Few Quick Beauty Tips Every Girl Should Know

I've been obsessed with beauty and makeup for as long as I can remember, and have picked up a few tricks along the way that have changed my beauty routine in a positive way.

These are some of the beauty hacks that I've taught myself, and some that I have learned, over the past few years: 

Tip 1

After you finish applying your skincare products, use whatever is left on your palms and slather it onto your neck (incase you forgot to apply skincare products there before), chest, or all over your hands and nails. Those parts of your body are super important to take care of sooner rather than later to help prevent aging. So instead of wiping your excess products on a towel, you can distribute them all over to help hydrate and take care of those other parts of your skin. You don't waste product and your skin benefits! I do this every single day.

Tip 2

Besides for using a heat protectant prior to blowdrying hair, another tip I have is to blow-dry downward instead of randomly all over. So I divide my hair down the middle and I blow-dry downward one side at a time. This really helps my hair stay frizz free and smooth. You may have heard of this tip before but I figured I would mention it anyways just incase!  

Tip 3

This third tip is one that I need to start doing more often, and that is to use blotting sheets to get rid of excess oil instead of adding powder on top. Adding powder on top can sometimes make foundation look cakey, so it is better to start with a blotting sheet and then add powder afterwards if you feel that you still need it. I'm going to start using blotting sheets more and more to prevent my makeup from looking thick and cakey. 

Tip 4

The last and final tip is to only condition the bottom 2/3 of your hair, and to skip conditioning the roots.  When I condition my roots, my hair gets greasier faster and produces a lot more oil. So I tend to stop right before the roots to prevent that from happening. (Another tip: If you experience a dry scalp, conditioning your roots will not help very much. You are more likely just going to teach your hair to produce more oil and appear greasy, faster. Instead opt for a shampoo/conditioner specifically made for dry scalps). I have also noticed that if I don't condition my roots, I can last longer between hair washes, which is always a bonus.  


So that's it! Those are some of the beauty, hair and skincare tricks that I do on a daily basis. Let me know if you have any that you want to share.

Talk to you soon xx