5 Things I've Been Loving Lately

5 Things I've Been Loving Lately


lately i’ve tried some new beauty & lifestyle products that i loveeee so i obviously needed to share them with you!

I listed them all down below, so check it out and definitely let me know if you’ve tried any of these!

1/ Laneige Lip Mask

I mentioned this lip mask in my current skincare routine, but if you haven’t checked that out yet, I like wearing it both in the morning and night. It smells SO good and makes my lips glossy, but not sticky. It’s also super hydrating which is so good since my lips have been so chapped.

When I put this on at night, I wake up with soft & hydrated lips. Love this!!

2/ Four Sigmatic Coffee & Tea

I’ve been drinking this every single day in the morning & night! In the morning I drink the mushroom coffee, and at night I love the hot chocolate mix. I love it because:

  1. It gives me the BEST kind of energy without all of the excess caffeine

  2. I don’t crash later in the day

  3. It tastes SO good (no, not like mushrooms at all!)

  4. It’s filled with so many adaptogens that benefit our bodies so much, so I love that too!

I’ve been drinking Four Sigmatic’s products so much that I wanted to get you guys a discount code. They also have matcha products which are DELICIOUS. I drink them with almond milk.

Anyways, you can use code LOLC to get 10% off. It’s amazing so definitely let me know what you think when you try it!

3/ Schmidt’s All Natural Deodorant

Last month I switched to an all natural deodorant because as you guys know, my grandma passed from breast cancer, so I’m doing everything I can to lower my risk.

This deodorant is aluminum free, unlike so many other ones, so it isn’t filled with tons of gross chemicals & ingredients. Deodorants with aluminum have been scientifically proven to raise the risk of breast cancer, so I decided to switch to this one and have been loving it!

My favorite scent is the Rose + Vanilla !

4/ Becca First Light Primer

I’ve been LOVING wearing this with or without makeup almost every single day.

It gives my skin the BEST glow when I wear it on it’s own, or makes my makeup look natural & dewy when I wear it under my It Cosmetics CC+ Cream.

Obsessed!! I’m already on my second bottle! I also mentioned this in my hydrating makeup routine.

5/ Sweaters & Cardigans

I’ve been LIVINGGG in sweaters and cardigans, and recently made a pretty big purchase at Forever21 since theirs are super cute & affordable.

I’ve been really into striped colored ones, so I included a couple of those, but down below are the most similar (if not the exact) sweaters I just bought! They’re all so comfy, cozy & super soft!

Anddd there’s actually more things but I’m going to save them for next time! Hope you enjoyed this post!

Lola x