Self-Care Sunday: Beauty Edition

Sundayssss. The best & worst day of the week all in one! Sunday's I usually try and sleep in, relax, and just overall get ready for the week to come.

One of my favorite things to do on Sunday's is either get my nails done or paint them myself, so I'm excited to be partnering with OPI on this post to share some of my favorite shades! 

My Self-Care Sunday Routine 

Drink tons of water //

Sunday's are a good day to recharge, so drinking a lot of water helps me do that. It just flushes out toxins and I wake up Monday with glowing skin. It also helps get rid of any alcohol or greasy food I ate on Saturday night lol. 

Face Masks //

One of my favorite things to do on a Sunday are face masks! I usually like to do an exfoliating one, but if my skin is breaking out or my pores are clogged, I reach for something more clarifying. I'm going to do a post on my favorite face masks soon, but in the meantime I'll link below some of my favorite ones!

Nails //

I love love love painting my nails! It's fun to do, and perfect on a Sunday right before a new week. OPI has always been my favorite brand of nail polish and they recently released their Make It Iconic collection, featuring some of their most loved shades that I'm sure you guys have heard of before. 

Some of my favorites from the collection are Mod About You, Tiramisu For Two, and Lincoln Park After Dark - a cream color, light pink, and a really dark purple (almost black). Self-care Sunday wouldn't be right without painting my nails, and OPI always has the best shades and formula. They're one of the few nail polish brands that have good quality polish which aren't thin or transparent. And they always go on smoothly! 

You can check out the entire collection HERE!


Take a bath //

If you know me you know I take baths a few times a week, but I reallllyyy take my time on Sundays. I usually take a bath right before bed, and I love to light candles around the tub, throw in a bath bomb, and watch reality TV re-runs on my phone/laptop (sometimes I read though). It's the BEST. 

What do you do for some self-care?! Share your tips with me!