The Correct Order To Apply Your Skincare Products

Skincare routines vary from person to person, but we all have one common goal - to have clear, healthy looking skin.

After spending time & money on products, we definitely want them to do their jobs and help our skin, but it can sometimes be discouraging when the products we purchase end up not working. Before giving up and returning those products, make sure you are applying them in the right order to really reap the benefits. 


Maybe that spot treatment really does fix your acne if it's applied before moisturizer...

you get what I'm saying??

So down below I've listed what order you should be applying your skincare in to get the most out of your products! Let me know if you have questions! x 

How You Should Apply Your Products

Always start lightest to heaviest - so any oils should be applied last as they are usually the heaviest. Here's a basic day & night skincare routine in order: 



1. Cleanse - Never skip this in the morning!

2. Tone - Only if you use a toner does this step apply to you.

3. Serum - Vitamin C serums are great for day time!

4. Eye Cream - Don't skip this!! 

5. Moisturizer - Always moisturize as you all know! (Even oily skin girls!!)

6. Sunscreen - I love the sun, but it sucks for skin. Sunscreen is SO important!



1. Cleanse - Obviously cleanse, but also exfoliate a few times a week!

2. Tone - Again, only if you use a toner. They're controversial so not everyone does and that's fine! (I don't use one)

3. Serum - Go for a hydrating one at night! Or one filled with nutrients.

4. Spot Treatments - If you spot treat acne, now is the time to do it. Not after you moisturize. 

5. Eye Cream - Again, ALWAYS use an eye cream! You'll thank yourself in 5 years.

6. Moisturizer - Maybe opt for a thicker one at night for extra moisture. 

7. Oil - The last step (and my favorite) because I'm obsessed with facial oils, but it's most likely your heaviest product so make sure it's the last one you apply!

I've included some of my favorite products, but of course let me know if you have questions!

Talk soon! x