Summer Makeup routine

Summer Makeup routine

For summer time, I like for my skin to look bronzed and glowy and for my makeup to last through the heat, but also to feel lightweight. Combined with my skincare routine (post to come!) I've found a makeup look that hasn't failed me yet through the heat and that has been my go-to! These products are perfect for day or night and are some of my favorites!

I don't always wear primer, but in the summer this one is part of my everyday routine. It makes my skin so poreless and also mattifies my skin, which is perfect for summer time when everyones sweating a little more.

For foundation I've been loving this one by Dior for everyday wear. It feels so so SO lightweight but still fills in pores and covers just about anything. I've been pairing the shape tape concealer along with it and I love the combo!

Then I move onto brows and fill in with this pencil lightly (I hateeee strong brows on me) and then set them in place with the gimme brow!

I don't always use eyeshadow, but when I do the shadows are always bronzy and neutral and super natural. I curl my lashes and then apply mascara. Sometimes I line my eyes too if I'm feeling it!

For the rest of my face makeup I always go in with bronzer and this one is my favorite because it's matte so I can contour with it too, and it's the perfect shade for my skin tone!

When it comes to blush I like to keep it pretty natural so I always grab this one from Benefit because it gives the perfect subtle flush of pink.

To add to my bronzy look I always go in with highlighter on the tops of my cheeks, the center of my nose, center of my forehead, and my cupids bow. This highlighter is my recent fav that adds the perfect golden glow!

Although I don't always wear lip color (I usually just reapply chapstick throughout the day), sometimes I like to add something more. This balm has been my go-to for months now and this lipstick from MAC is the exact same shade as my lips and looks super natural!

If I have time (or if I remember LOL) I will put on a facial spray to finish my look.

And that's it!

Leave me a comment telling me what your favorite summer makeup products are and I'll talk to you guys soon.

xx Lola