What I'm Thankful For This Year

THANKSGIVING IS ALMOST HERE…and you know what that means….tons of food and drinks, my fav!

It’s one of my favorite holiday’s because I get to spend time with everyone I love, eat tons of delicious food, and just relax. Every year, my family goes around the dinner table to share what we’re thankful for, but this year I wanted to share it with you guys too! Check it out below!

My Family // This one is obvious, but it’s been quite the year for me so their support means everything!

Genuine Friendships // This year has been pretty eye opening when it comes to genuine friendships so I’m really happy to have a big support system around me of people who know me best.

Women Everywhere // It’s been pretty amazing to see so many women from all over the world come together on different topics this year. From politics, to sexual assault, to female equality - it’s cool that regardless of where we come from, we’re all essentially the same and just looking to live happy & fulfilled lives.

My Mental Health // I’ve struggled a lot (especially the last few years) to get my anxiety and depression under control, and I’m so proud to say that I feel better than ever and I’m so thankful for everyones who has helped.

My Kitties // I have two now! They’re both so cute and I’m thankful to be their mama. And no, my apartment is not dirty lol I keep it super clean and the kitties don’t make messes! Their names are Rowan and Callie.

Opportunities // This past May I finished my undergrad and started working a few months after that. I’m so grateful for the opportunities and experiences that I’ve had in regards to not only my career, but my blog as well! It’s been so fun!

I hope you guys are spending the holiday surrounded by the people you love the most. Let me know your plans and what you’re thankful for this year! Happy Thanksgiving! x