Travel Diary: London, England

Travel Diary: London, England

Hiii guys! I'm studying abroad in the UK and throughout Europe and thought I would blog about my experience. Everyone always has pre misconceptions before going somewhere, and there are always so many people clouding your opinion with their own personal thoughts of the specific locations (at least that's what it felt like for me), so I figured I would share my own opinions and my own experiences with you guys!

For the first nine days, we are in London and it's been SO cool. Coming from the suburbs of New Jersey, London is definitely very different. (I was born in New York and visit frequently, so although it is different than my current home, London's environment isn't completely foreign to me).

To compare it to something in America I would say it is a mix between New York City and Washington D.C. except cleaner and with better fashion!

For our first couple of days we had a lot of fun exploring the popular tourist locations and soaking in the lively, and exciting atmosphere. We visited Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Hyde Park, London Bridge, Tower Bridge and the London Eye! Every single place we went was mesmerizing and so impressive in their own ways but my favorite two place were Hyde Park and the London Eye.

The London Eye made my top two favorites list for it's incredible view and the ride itself. It was so much fun going all the way up and seeing all of London. The entire experience was unforgettable and we made some pretty cool memories up in the pod (even though we all freaked out a little because of how high up it was hahaha).

Hyde Park was also one of my favorites because of the beautiful greenery and how big it is! It is directly to the right of Buckingham Palace and is filled with so many walking paths, coffee shops, and beautiful lakes.  We walked for milesss our first day exploring the park and seeing the culture of the locals and how everyone was coexisting.

It is much different than parks in the U.S. and we found that to be very interesting! We spent quite some time there and it was a very memorable place.

The entire experience in London was amazing and we were lucky enough to be only a tube ride away from seeing all of the popular attractions (and exploring various other parts of London) when we wanted to!

Unfortunately while we were in London there was a terrorist attack in Manchester, which is only about 3 hours away, but we were lucky enough to be safe in the area we were in. My thoughts and prayers go out to those affected by the attack directly and indirectly, and I hope that everyone will be able to eventually find peace. Given the events that occurred, I noticed the locals of the areas around being very resilient, positive and continuing on with their everyday life as if nothing occurred. Although events such as those that occurred in Manchester can happen anywhere, nobody wants to live in terror and the locals do a great job of representing how to move forward despite the negative events. London is a really amazing place and everyone should experience it during their lifetime!