My Trip To Utah

Helloooo & Happy Monday! I know this post is a little late, but the weekend flew past me - between seeing everyone after my trip and of course, St. Patty's Day, I wasn't able to sit down and write about my trip. But here we are! 

I was lucky enough to get the chance to stay at the Red Mountain Resort right outside of St. George, UT in a small town called Ivins. It was a resort & spa in the south of Utah, surrounded by gorgeous canyons and mountains. It was so pretty! I flew into the Las Vegas airport and then took a shuttle bus to the resort! 

Even just the ride to the resort was beautiful! Then, when I finally made it to my room, I was given a tour around the resort and got to see everything from the pool, to the hot tub, to the spa & "relaxation room", and everything else! Here are some photos:

     It was absolutely gorgeous! Each day I did different activities like yoga, bike rides through Snow Canyon Park (which was down the street!), spent some time going to the spa and steam room, hiked, and ate delicious food from the restaurant at the resort. I had so much fun and took a few days to chill and recharge.

Thanks to the Red Mountain Resort for having me!! If you guys ever decide to take a trip to Utah, or if you live nearby, visit the RMR & tell them you are coming from The Lush Spot! 

Till next time!