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Wellness Trends That Have Changed My Life

LifeLola Cezair9 Comments
Wellness Trends That Have Changed My Life

New wellness trends seem to pop up everywhere all the time. I feel like every single day we hear about a new health craze or product that everyone seems to be obsessed with. From infrared saunas to cryotherapy, there's so many!! Obviously, I haven't tried them all - but I have gotten into a few that have positively impacted my life and I wanted to share them so you guys can try them too! Let's get started! 

Essential Oils

So let me just start off by saying it took a longggg time to get me to even try essential oils. I just couldn't get on the bandwagon no matter how much good I heard about them. Something about the strong strange smell, that just lingers around for hours after on some of the oils, would always bother me. And no matter how much my mom and my aunt would tell me to try them, I always said no.  

Then my anxiety decided to creep up in full swing. Like to the point where I was struggling to get out of bed, was nervous to do anything, and would wake up in the middle of the night with insane shakes that just wouldn't stop. I was struggling with my anxiety so much that I was willing to try anything to help. 

So I finally started asking my mom questions about the oils and how to use them and what to use each one for. I learned that I could still receive the benefits from the oils without getting a headache from the strong scent. So I gave them a try. 

I started by putting the oils said to help with anxiety on the bottoms of my feet, instead of my body, or on my shins. And as much as I did not believe how well they work, I swear my anxiety disappeared within a minute of having the oil on. Then I started diffusing some throughout the day and using them for more than just my anxiety. Now, being several months since I've been using oils, I actually like the smell of some of them and will even roll one like Lavender on my body before I go to bed. 

I will be doing a full post on my favorites and what I use them for so I won't get into which oils I love now (stay tuned!), but the brand that I use is Young Living and I love how their oils helped my anxiety, overall health, and a bunch of different things that I will get into another time! I'm obsessed with essential oils and would love to hear about any of your favorites if you have tried them!

Lymphatic Drainage

If you haven't heard of Lymphatic Drainage, it's basically when you massage a part of your body to drain the lymph nodes in order to decrease inflammation. It stimulates fluid under the skin to drain from the body, and it usually drains through urine. So you pee a lot afterwards! Lymphatic Drainage can be done in many different areas of your body, but my personal favorite is my face.

I wake up every single morning swollen. Like every single day when I wake up, my face is slightly puffier, my cheeks are rounder, and my lips are a little fuller than they normally are. It usually becomes less swollen as the day goes on, but now that I've learned about lymphatic drainage, that's what I rely on to decrease the swelling. 

People do this in many different ways. Some use ice rollers, some use jayde rollers, some use spin brushes, but I just prefer my hands! Super easy, simple, and you can do it anywhere. 

Basically, I just take any facial oil and I massage my face in circles all around my face anywhere from 15-20 minutes. Sometimes I'll even do this on my neck a little! Then I take a damp wash cloth and remove the oil from my face. This helps me SO much and I've tried lot's of different things, trust me.

I was thinking of doing a more detailed post on my Lymphatic Drainage "routine", and go through the products I use and exactly how I massage my face. So let me know if that's something you are interested in!  

Alkaline Water

I know, I know. It's like $4 extra for one of these waters compared to a regular Poland Spring or Deer Park, but the skincare/health benefits are sooo worth it.

The reason why Alkaline Water helps skin is because it is pH balanced and has special nutrients that help provide that "glow-from-within" kinda look. Ever since I started regularly drinking these, my skin is so much clearer, I break out less often, it looks healthier and more hydrated, AND my pores look smaller! I also feel more hydrated when I drink these. 

pH levels are 0 to 14 and the higher the pH levels the better. The water that I particularly buy is a 9.5 pH and has particular properties that help rehydrate the body better, along with helping my skin. It's awesome! 

This definitely isn't a necessity, but I loveee how my skin has looked since I've been drinking these! 


  And that's it! Those are a few wellness trends that have become a part of my daily routine and have really helped me! Let me know in the comments if you want a post on Lymphatic Drainage, and if you know of any wellness trends that you swear by!

Talk to you guys soon.. xx


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