What I Have Learned From Blogging + OOTD

Helloooo everyone and Happy Wednesday! As you can tell by the title of the post, today I'm sharing a couple of lessons I have learned from blogging since launching my blog almost a year ago. These are two things that took me way too long to realize, but once I did I felt more comfortable blogging.

I am also obsessed with this new coat so I wanted to share this outfit I wore in Philly several days ago. I will have it linked for you all to check out!  

I launched my blog last February, so it has been almost a year, and I have really gotten a taste of the industry since then. I have picked up a lot along the way (and still have a long way to go!) but I figured I would share two important lessons I have learned thus far.

Not Everyone Will Get It

The first part of my blogging journey brought me to a really valuable lesson. The lesson being that not everyone will understand blogging, and that's okay. Jumping into something like blogging, which comes with putting myself on the internet, freaked me out from the beginning. It still kind of freaks me out to be honest. But I wanted to have a place to connect with girls who have similar interests as me - so I put my fears to the side and launched. 

After launching, I received different feedback from different people. Of course there were plenty of friends and family members who supported me, but there were also certain people who seemed almost envious of my new hobby, and others who just overall did not understand the point of it. Some thought it was silly. Others thought it was a waste of time. Some even bashed the entire idea of blogging and thought it was strange. 

For a while, what people had to say bothered me and I contemplated over and over to shut down the website and go about my life without having The Lush Spot. But after thinking long and hard about it, I decided to stick with blogging because I love it and it does not matter what other people have to say.

I have fun taking photos of beauty products, my outfits, etc. And I love even more to be able to share that with all of you. That is important to me. It took a longggg time for me to understand this. 

To this day, people still look at my blog negatively and find it to be "weird". But I have realized that it is completely fine if people do not understand what I am doing, because I am happy doing it. My readers are also a huge motivation to keep going! But I try and remember this lesson each day, and continue blogging because I want to. 

Inspiration Will Come Anytime, Anywhere

Since launching my blog, there have been many days that I was conflicted in terms of what to write a post about. Whether it be that I was lacking inspiration or I just could not get out what was in my head - it was super frustrating. After going through that for a while, I realized that there is inspiration all around me - I just had to pay attention and write it down

I started figuring this out by keeping a notepad in my phone of different topics that came to me throughout the day. For example, I was shopping in Sephora and noticed a customer asking an employee about different face masks and what her personal favorites were. This resonated with me, so I wrote down "face masks" in my notepad, and then later wrote the post My Holy Grail Face Masks. So I started doing this process each day, and now when anything (literally anything) comes into my mind that could be related to The Lush Spot, I put it in my notepad. 

Doing this has helped me to formulate blog posts that my readers are interested in reading. Of course there are still days that writing a post seems impossible, but teaching myself to jot down any ideas I may have throughout my daily life has helped me immensely. It is also good to remember that quality trumps quantity in terms of blog posts and, from my experience, it is better to only write 2-3 really good posts a week than 5-6 ehh posts.

If you are a blogger - tell me what you have learned from blogging! The blogging world is definitely a different one than we are all used to so I would love to hear any lessons learned or your own tips and tricks!

If you are thinking of starting a blog - just do it! Think about some of the things I mentioned in this post and take the plunge!

Hope you guys liked this post and I'll talk to you all soon xx