What's On My Desk?

If you have a full time job, are still in school, or work from home - you know how hard it can be to get motivated and get shit done.

When I first started working from home, sinking into the couch was a super easy trap to fall into so I had to come up with ways to keep myself at my desk all day, without turning the TV on or going to work from bed.

I’ve found that creating a super clean, positive, and fun work environment makes me actually want to sit at my desk and get shit done all day, rather then being lazy elsewhere, so I made sure my work area reflected that.


Below I’m sharing some of the things I currently have on my desk to keep me motivated and keep things fun. x

Notebook + Planner //

I have both a notebook and a planner to stay extra organized.

I use my planner to jot down overall to-do’s for work, things that are coming up, anything for my blog, etc.

And then I use the notebook every morning to write out the top 7 things I need to accomplish each day, in order of priority, based on my planner.

So the two go hand-in-hand for me.

Then I cross off as I go. I also use the notebook for actual notes as well!

Having both a planner to keep track of timelines and a notebook for daily to-do’s has been SO helpful in keeping me organized.

Pens //

Pens!! I used to love having different colored pens when I was younger, and I still do now LOL.

I have a ton of thin tip sharpies in different colors that I use to underline and take notes in. I color code certain notes to keep things separate.

They’re so fun! I also have pretty standard blue and black pens as well.

Decoration //

Plants and succulents are all over my apartment (but the fake ones, because I suck at keeping plans alive), so I wanted to have a lil pop of greenery on my desk too!

Target always has the best succulents and I also find them in the cutest plant stands.

The one I have has a gold stand with long ‘leaves’. I think it’s so cute!

Lip Balm //

I’ve talked about this balm SO many times, (and I won’t again but go to this post if you want to read more), so it should be no shock that I always make sure to keep it on my desk!

It smells amazing, and I usually just end up reapplying it all day.

Of course I also have my computer and a million cups of coffee, tea, water…all the things..haha

What types of things do you keep around you as you work? I would LOVE some tips from you guys on staying on top of everything and being productive!

Newww post will be coming Friday so stay tuned, and follow on Insta in the meantime . x