Lola Cezair

My Winter Essentials

Lola Cezair
My Winter Essentials

happy december 1st! and sagittarius season. and my birthday month. and christmas. and hanukkah. and SO MANY THINGS.

i love all the decorations this time of the year, getting cozy at home, and everyone’s positive energy!


there’s a few things i always have this time of the year that are staples for me! check mine out below and lmk if there’s anything you love & have-to-have this time of the year! x

My Winter Essentials

Lip Balm//

chapstick doesn’t really cut it anymore for me because my lips get so chapped. so i always buy a few different balms and keep them in my apartment, my car, my winter jacket, and other places i always reach. i linked a few of my favorites here:

Cozy Coats//

since i work from home, i don’t have to leave my apartment too often in the cold, but when i do go out i almost always wear a huge, soft coat to keep me warm & cozy. down below are my favorite ones!


as you all know, i have really dry skin. and during the winter it’s even worse, so i always put on lotion right after the shower to keep my skin from getting itchy & rough. i like body lotions that are more on the natural side and don’t have a ton of chemicals in them. let me know which ones you use!


i’m pale always haha, but obviously the winter is worse. i love creamy bronzers this time of the year that make me look natural & glowy. i linked some of my favorites below!


i liveeee in sweats when it’s cold outside because they’re obviously SO comfortable, keep me warm, and feel cozy. sometimes it’s hard to find the perfect ones that fit just right, so i’m excited to show you guys these below that i’m obsessed with!

those are all things i neeeeed for this season. what about you? tell me yours in the comments! x